Learn more about the causes of arm pain and what you can do to recover from it.


What Inspires the Armaid Staff?

"Inspiration is inherently personal, both in the abstract and in the particular."

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What Inspires Joe Daniels? He Inspires Us!

Joe has been with The Armaid Company, Inc. since 2011. He has been an enthusiastic supporter of Armaid and Rolflex since they came into his lives, and he into ours. He was one of our top selling affiliates for years and just recently became an Armaid and Rolflex wholesaler. Follow him on social media for daily inspiration from him.

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What Inspires Terry M. Cross, Founder & Inventor of Armaid and Rolflex

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Chronic Inflammation

Prevention of Chronic Diseases by Addressing Chronic Inflammation

Interview with Alix Sarain, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach eatbelivewell.com @eat.be.livewell
Alix is a Health Coach living Maine. She has a degree in Philosophy and pre-med from UC Davis and a certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Starting with personal experience, she expanded her knowledge and certification to better address her own health issues. She works with clients one-on-one, as well as facilitates a 5-month group lifestyle program sponsored by a local non-profit, Healthy Island Project. Alix has chronicled her journey with health, nutrition, wellness, balance, her dogs and what’s growing in her garden, at eatbewell.blogspot.com since 2013.

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Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapies List

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Personal Journey: Terry M. Cross

Can't change the past, only learn from it. In order to survive my crisis I needed to go basic-school on my ass and take no prisoners by being honest with myself and acting daily on that honesty. Socrates would be proud, by asking better questions of myself, I can hear my inner wisdom reply with better answers.

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Potential Abundance

If you have a garden, large or small, it reflects your hope for new life. Each plant is an idea of a new beginning with potentially abundant outcomes.

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