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Before Armaid

Before Armaid - Terry the Opera Singer

I’ve always been loud and could carry a tune. Louder than most people when they open their mouths.  And I’ve always been fairly articulate with pronunciation. Who knew that it would be a great combination for singing – loud, articulate singing that could reach the back of the hall. Throw in a 200 year-old musical score with words in a European language and we’ve got Terry doing opera.

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What We Do After Work at Armaid

Terry - Inventor/Owner
On Saturday mornings, I make it a point to spend some time at the Farmers Market in Blue Hill. 

Maura - Operations Manager & New Accounts
I revamped my life's flow last year. I wasn't living authentically.

Jessica - Fulfilment
After work every day, I do mom stuff. Different mom stuff on different days. 

Alix - Marketing
I work as a subcontracted staffer at Armaid, so actually Armaid is my "other". 

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Why Do We Give?

For us, as a company, and as individuals it's a wonderful aspect to being in our business that we can make a difference in someone's life without needing or wanting to exchange money in every instance.

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We're Surrounded by Nature - Our Commutes to Work

We live, work and love in Maine. Each of us coming from different towns to get to Armaid Central, here are our views each day as we commute to work.

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Armaid Staff's Favorite Movies

These are the films each of us has watched over and over, or can quote whole scenes from, or can sing entire soundtracks to. Movies are like music, in that they are deeply personal in their connection and transformative for each individual at that point in their life, forever changing the way the viewer sees the world.

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