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A spectacular piece of equipment.

Tim Ferriss, Self-Improvement Master & Author

We love this forearm torture device! Miraculous, really evil, super dope.
It’s legit.

Dr. Kelly Starrett, Author "Becoming a Supple Leopard"

I love Armaid!

Jonathan Siegrist, Professional Rock Climber

Tendinitis in both elbows for 2 years. Armaid fixed it in 2 weeks.

Mike Gaffrey, Rock Climber & Musician

The Armaid is ridiculously good.

Joshua Grant, Armwrestling & Slalom Skating Champion

I wasted my time on physical therapy for my elbow tendinitis. Use this tool, you won’t regret it.

Mark Clemmons, Crossfit Athlete

The Tool

The only self-care therapy tool specifically designed for relieving a range of problems in the entire arm including hands and elbows. Armaid has 4 unique roller attachments of various densities to deliver precise and focused relief anywhere in your arms. It weighs 1 pound, is built tough.

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The Technique

Professional mobility massage techniques are built into the design of the Armaid.  You will learn these simple and effective methods to relieve the most common arm, hand and elbow problems; for example, tendonitis in the elbows, forearm pump, de Querevains in the thumbs, or lymph drainage along your whole arm.

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The Support

Watch the instructional videos or visit the FAQ page to answer most of your questions on how to use this tool the right way.

If you ever need more information, have a question or a concern, we are here for you by email, phone or Skype video.

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Everyone should have the means to maintain their own arm, elbow and hand health. We provide the means to achieve this for a lifetime.

- Terry M. Cross, Inventor and President

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