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Getting Started

How do I know if your tool is right for me?

Armaid is specifically designed to work on tight muscles, tendons and ligaments in the forearm, wrist, hand and elbow areas. Check to see whether any part of your forearm has any tension or tightness by rubbing along your forearm muscles.

  • Do you feel any tight areas?
  • Have you previously felt burning, achy, sore, fatigued or ropey muscles in the hand or forearm and wanted to massage anywhere along the arm, hand or elbow?
  • Have you previously had a massage in these areas and felt better?
  • Have you been diagnosed with "trigger points" (really tight and painful spots) in your forearm?
If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, Armaid will work for you when used as directed. And yes, if you have bilateral issues, meaning both of your arms and hands are sore, you can use this tool!

Which roller should I start with?

We start you out with the White Roller. This is our "workhorse" and most everyone's everyday, go-to, roller.


I have questions about whether your tool is right for me. Do you have a therapist I can talk to?

We do! Having a conversation with the therapist is an option that is always available to you should any questions come up. Reach out to to get the conversation started.

How do I change the rollers on my Armaid?

Open the roller capture that locks the roller in place. Once this is open, push up on the roller from below by placing your open hand under the roller, thumb on top, then bend the flexible rod slightly and slide the top of the roller rod out to the side at the opening. Remove the bottom of the rod by pulling on the roller straight up and out of the hole. Get the new roller in hand. Insert the short end of the Grey or Black Roller into the bottom hole on the Armaid, the one away from the capture. On the Orange Roller, either end can be inserted into the bottom hole. Place your open hand and thumb on the roller as when you were taking the roller out and bend the flexible rod slightly to slide the long tip of the rod in from the side into the capture. Close the capture and it will set the flexible rod in to the Armaid. The slight arch in the rod is what you want to see.

What roller does the Armaid come with?

The Armaid will arrive fully assembled and with the White Roller installed on the therapy side of the tool.

Do the rollers have a lifetime warranty?

They sure do!

How long do the rollers last?

Since we encourage you to use this tool regularly you may see some wear over time on your rollers. The rollers are well designed and last a long time but after a couple of years of daily use you may see wear. You will probably not see wear on the actually balls or foam, the wear instead may appear on the flexible rod, that’s the part that the balls or foam are strung upon, or on the end of these rods, at the tip. No problem, we are used to this, glad to see it actually, because it means you are using your Armaid and feeling better! Roller issues are covered under our warranty!

Does my older Armaid have a lifetime warranty?

It sure does!

Do the rollers work on the older Armaid unit?

Yes, they do!

Shipping, returns, other

Can I return Armaid?

Yes. Here is our Armaid product return and warranty policy:

  • 30-day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee on Armaid purchase price (shipping not included).
  • Once a return is authorized, it must be postmarked within 7 days of authorization for a full refund.
  • Lifetime Unconditional Warranty policy on all Armaid parts (unit, and attachments).

When will my order be processed?

Order processing (holidays excepted)

  • Wednesdays & Fridays
  • Closed weekends
  • We ship out 5-7 days from the time order is placed.

What are my shipping options?

Shipping within the UNITED STATES, U.S. territories, and APOs: Armaid offers flat-fee shipping for Armaids or attachments. Shipping to INTERNATIONAL destinations: We ship via USPS and UPS; shipping rates are calculated at checkout. Please note: We do not offer UPS Saturday delivery. If you require a Saturday delivery, we suggest using USPS. (Applicable to domestic shipments only.)

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, we offer a 30% discount on website purchases for US service members and their immediate family members. Email us at for a discount code to use with your purchase. Proof of membership may be required.

Do you offer a student discount?

Yes, we offer a 20% discount on website purchases for students and their immediate family members. Email us at for a discount code to use with your purchase. Proof of current enrollment may be required.

Is this tool eligible for medical reimbursement?

Yes, Armaid is eligible for insurance claims reimbursements. Here are the codes you will need to fill out a reimbursement form: 1) FDA Product Code 89LYG 2) Miscellaneous Code E1399 3) Worker’s Compensation code 99070

Should I use Armaid if I have an sub-dermal implant?

If you have a sub-dermal implant in your arm (Nexplanon, for example), do not use Armaid on that part of your arm.

Warning and Disclaimer

WARNING: By using our self-care tools, you are accepting responsibility for your care. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. If during your use of Armaid, you experience a level of pain beyond what you would expect from a deep massage, or if your symptoms worsen, stop and consult a physician. If you believe that you have an injury other than muscle strain or Repetitive Stress symptoms (such as a sprain, bruising, broken or fractured bones, or acute injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves), do not use Armaid, as is not designed or intended to treat those injuries or conditions. DISCLAIMER: These statements and all statements on this website have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. All products sold through or by The Armaid Company, Inc. or are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Results may vary.