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Recovery - It’s not a word we use lightly. We know that recovery is not just an outcome; it’s a daily intention to take care of yourself, to heal, so you can get back to doing what you love. Whether you’re setting new goals or just trying to get through the basics of your day, let us help you write your recovery story.

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“I was training to be on the TV show American Ninja Warrior but couldn’t find relief from my elbow pain. After using Armaid for a few weeks the pain was completely gone and I was back to competing like myself again.”

Sean Clayton

Award-Winning Obstacle Course Racer

“After training partner acrobatics, handstand and tumbling for over a decade, I developed major tendonitis of the inner elbow. I tried a number of therapies, but after 2 years the condition hadn’t improved. I spent 2 weeks of daily work with Armaid and my tendinitis was completely relieved!”

Aaron Lind

Teacher & professional Aerialist

“The Japanese shakuhachi flute and music truly is my life. Over the years I’ve anxiously thought about what if I was injured and couldn’t play anymore; that would be totally devastating. However, about a year ago I discovered Armaid and my worries have been eliminated; I now play and practice as much as I like.”

Shawn Renzoh

Composer, Shakuhachi Performer & Lecturer

“I thought my aerial career was coming to an end. I was doing all the necessary stretches and exercises, but my arm pain wasn’t improving. A friend loaned me her Armaid and the pain quickly subsided. Armaid is now a regular part of my weekly recovery plan.”

Michele Frances

Physical Therapist & Aerial Arts Coach

“Armaid saved my life! I was struggling from pain that felt like my arms were strings on a tightly wound cello. I tried traditional medical treatments but they didn’t provide any relief. After many years of agony, Armaid got my arms to finally relax.”

Lulu Armwell

Mixed Media Artist

"I was ranked #10 bench press powerlifter in the USA. While training toward my goal of 600 pounds I suffered a severe tendonitis injury. I went from lifting 585 pounds to barely being able to lift my daughter. With the help of Armaid, I’m back to powerlifting and being a super dad."

Jamar Randolph

Powerlifter & Dad

“I was walking a fine line between training and repetitious strain injury. My grip and forearm flexors were becoming hard as rocks, and not in a good way. I visited a massage therapist and searched the internet high and low but still no relief. I started using Armaid and within a half hour, I knew I had finally found what I was searching for.”

Joe Daniels

Kettlebell Trainer

"I’d been suffering with forearm pain for about 20 years. In desperation I searched and found Armaid on YouTube; within 10 minutes of using the tool I could actually feel the pain moving out of the tissue. Now I finally enjoy a full night’s sleep without arm pain.”

John Loefflad

Computer programer

"The Armaid is a brutally honest and helpful friend, I’ve never found anything like it. I look forward to our daily conversations, no one else is nearly as upfront about what needs to be addressed. I thank the Armaid aloud after each session and I sincerely appreciate our time together. Thank you Thank you Thank you."

Joseph Cooper

prep cook, musician, digs mountain biking & calisthenics

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