OUR FOUNDER - Terry M. Cross

Terry was a big fan of the concept known as Occam’s Razor: The best answer to a problem is almost always the simplest. It is from this concept that the fundamental insight and design of the Armaid came.

As a sports massage therapist working on professional athletes, Terry would relish the challenge of fixing performance problems by using the most efficient and effective therapy techniques known. However, doing what he loved had a cost. After years of massage work, he developed tendinitis in his forearms, wrists and elbows. Using trigger point therapy he recovered but he had arrived at a crossroads.

Trigger point therapy is the best way to address tendinitis and Terry felt the need to spread this knowledge. Practically speaking, actually massaging the world one person at a time is impossible so he began imagining a tool that could effectively apply the technique and allow others heal themselves.

One afternoon in 1997, he had an epiphany. “I had an electric, whole-body realization: a nutcracker! It’s nearly impossible to crack open a nut using only your fingers. But if you use a nutcracker, you can crack open a whole bucket of nuts. That’s the power of leverage.”

He had found his purpose and begun his evolution as an inventor, manufacturer and teacher. In Terry’s words: “We hope that Armaid can help in your recovery journey and ultimately get you back to doing what you love.”

Blue Hill, Maine is our home

If you come to Blue Hill, Maine, you will feel what a special place this is. Water, woods, rocks, and fields join together to create the ineffable. People who are born here, or drawn here from away, tend to be kind, frugal, handy, and resilient. They thrive in quiet spaces and in their community.

Get back to doing what you love

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