Learn more about the causes of arm pain and what you can do to recover from it.


Video: Trees in Maine

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Chronic Inflammation

Prevention of Chronic Diseases by Addressing Chronic Inflammation

Interview with Alix Sarain, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach eatbelivewell.com @eat.be.livewell
Alix is a Health Coach living Maine. She has a degree in Philosophy and pre-med from UC Davis and a certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Starting with personal experience, she expanded her knowledge and certification to better address her own health issues. She works with clients one-on-one, as well as facilitates a 5-month group lifestyle program sponsored by a local non-profit, Healthy Island Project. Alix has chronicled her journey with health, nutrition, wellness, balance, her dogs and what’s growing in her garden, at eatbewell.blogspot.com since 2013.

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