Potential Abundance

We are tied to the seasons. 

If you have a garden, large or small, it reflects your hope for new life. Each plant is an idea of a new beginning with potentially abundant outcomes. Flowers to please your eye and nose. Vegetables to remind you of what fresh taste means and what it means to be an active part of the abundance that one seed can produce. As one friend put it: "Come and see what me and God (nature) made!" Every year she gets so excited by what happens; what a seed, dirt, water, sunlight, time and hope can produce. 

To be a part of the creative mystery of nature by acting on even just a little knowledge changes the way we feel about ourselves in relation to the bigger world. We've created a path, an inroad to something bigger than ourselves. 

I suppose the analogy of a garden holds true as we talk about planting the seeds of potential growth in helping someone with a task, chore or idea. Helping someone see things a little more clearly, taking the time to do anything that is wholesome, contributory and linked with things outside of ourselves, somehow we all grow in the process. We are giving ourselves another chance to grow and produce something so much more than the tiny seed would ever indicate. More than we can know. 

It is always worth it to plant any kind of seed, metaphorical or real. You just never know how that seed will grow, how that seed will turn out. What kind of abundance will make us once again stop and think how crazy-good life can be. Taking the time in invest in something in an outcome that's uncertain. You never really know what will grow. Potential abundance can be enticing. Hope is a wonderful thing to cultivate. 
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