Personal Journey: Terry M. Cross

I was having heart palpitations, heart ache, high blood pressure, constipation, very poor sleep and a tired lethargic body. And this was all before the election.
I'd been mostly worried and stressed about business partners and personal relationships for the last year and I began going downhill in all departments: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The stress of poor daily rituals and bad habits (poor food choices, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and negative thinking) were killing me or at least turning me into a classic middle-aged man who becomes another statistic under a doctor's pharmaceutical care. Shit. I got scared enough (I've learned that's a very important point) to make changes.
So now after 2 months I've built a series of positive outcomes in the process of 'control what I can control and create new outcomes' and do the best job I can in each needful area of my life. One day at a time. Clean up the flow of my present and future by no longer wasting my creative time and energy on people and situations (past or present) that I can't change or influence directly.
Can't change the past, only learn from it. In order to survive my crisis I needed to go basic-school on my ass and take no prisoners by being honest with myself and acting daily on that honesty. Socrates would be proud, by asking better questions of myself, I can hear my inner wisdom reply with better answers. My personal Socratic method at work. Ask and listen to the answers. I've found that I know a lot more than what I give myself credit, the answers are usually already within or at least hinted at to give a direction, listen and respect the answers. Haven't I ignored the truth in order to maintain my living in righteous pain?
Do what I know to be good for me and only act on that, if I truly want to escape from the growing gravity from my personal black hole. Black holes are good for only one thing, dark oblivion, and a metaphor for death.
  1. I've used the "Whole 30" program to evaluate what foods cause me inflammation and then have developed a food program that suits what my body needs.
  2.  I've gone through 4 sessions of a 'Hyperthermia' treatment to elevate my body temperature to 102 degrees. Much like having a fever, this raising of the body core temperature helps to eliminate toxins and dislodge viruses and bacteria from their bodily crevices. I imagine this is also similar to why there is such a strong tradition of saunas worldwide. Inner stimulation, toxin elimination and deeply relaxing at the same time. I feel all the better for it.
  3. Exercise…walking…and more walking. I'm getting my old 'Total Gym' back from a friend and going to start using that for joint and muscle strengthening.
  4. My blood pressure has gone down by an average of 20 points on both the diastolic and systolic, all without medications.
  5. Removed over 20 lbs. of weight.
  6. Most important: me-reminding-me to keep the right attitude. That's the most fluid and toughest to nail down…but I'm getting better! And I've results to show for it!

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