Being Outdoors with Sean Clayton

Sean Clayton is an Armaid Sponsored Elite Obstacle Course Racer. He is a loving father and husband and a perpetual inspiration to us here at Armaid. Feeling cooped into winter in Maine and also being nature lovers we chatted with Sean about why he chose outdoor sports and obstacle racing, working out outdoors and why the outdoors is important to him.

1. What drew you to outdoor OCR activities?
I've always liked the outdoors. When I found OCR I was just really looking for a hard event. I saw a 13.1 mile obstacle race that was going to happen rain or shine and new that it was something I wanted to do.

2. Your home gym is indoor/outdoor in your garage, why did you set it up like that? Why not just go to a gym?
The biggest reason for having a home gym is time and family. Just about all my decisions revolve around time and family, being able to walk right out my door and save 30 minutes worth of driving is huge, plus I don't have to wait on equipment, and most importantly my daughters can come work out with me.
The reason I love having it in a garage is that I'm working out in the elements and that, in my opinion, is the best way to do it. Life happens in the elements, especially if something bad is going to happen it's usually going to happen when it's not convenient. I believe that if you prepare in the harshest elements then it will only help you in the best of elements and this South Carolina heat is no joke in the summer! lol

3. What about being outdoors is important to you?
I love being outside, it's just the way it was meant to be. Whether it's to lay on a beach with my wife, run to the top of beautiful mountains or just take a lap around the block with my daughters I just appreciate the outdoors. Staying inside in man-made buildings just doesn't do it for me, I would rather go far off the beaten path and see untouched nature.

4. What part of outdoor races do you dislike (the freezing weather perhaps)? (But as we know you are a sucker for punishment.)
Haha, that is all part of the fun that is outdoor racing. Freezing temperatures are the worst for sure and even when you hit extremely hot temperatures it is rough but I do somewhat enjoy those things. The discipline it takes to run in extreme heat where you are breathing in air that is hotter than your body temperature is "fun" lol. You can't speed up because you will overheat faster, but you can't slow down too much either or you will be in the elements longer. I would have to say the freezing cold is worst. Once your hands numb up you can't do any obstacles, you can't throw a spear or do monkey bars, plus every time you fail an obstacle you are back on the ground doing burpees and that makes you even colder. That being said, when the weather is the worst I seem to be able to mentally deal with it better than most and can usually mentally grind through it.

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