The Truth About Active Release Technique

As the inventor of both Armaid® and Rolflex™, I want to address the issue of so-called “fraudulent” therapies.  

The therapy technique that Armaid users learn to do on themselves has been around for over 50 years.  Variously called “Tack and Stretch," "Pin and Stretch," "Active Release," "Myofascial Release," and "Trigger Point Therapy," it is widely used, accepted and respected by Sports MD's, Osteopaths,  Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers world-wide. I used it on clients when I was a Sports Massage Therapist for pro-athletes in the 1990s, and then used it on myself when I developed elbow tendinitis as a result of my work as an MT.

I invented the Armaid tool as a lever with different density attachments so that people could more easily apply Trigger Point Therapy to themselves. And I founded The Armaid Company, Inc. with the specific mission to empower as many people as possible to learn and apply this therapy technique so that they could relieve their own tight, overused muscles, which are the cause of tendinitis and repetitive strain. 

Here is the technique:  

1) Find the "trigger point" in your muscle (sore spots in muscles that have limited range of motion).

2) Put direct pressure on that spot.

3) Deliberately move/stretch that same muscle and maximize the stretch, both flexion and extension, while maintaining the direct pressure on the trigger point. 

This technique does two things: 1) It physically releases the muscle adhesions that are limiting range of motion so muscles return to fuller function with natural levels of strength and endurance.  2) It also allows the fascia (connective tissue) to release, along with the muscle, thereby furthering range of motion.

It is the therapy technique done well that is the key to relief, not the Armaid tool. The tool was only developed to make the delivery of the technique easier. As part of our mission, we provide all the instructional materials needed to be able to properly use the technique, as well as free one-one-one counseling for people who have questions. If a person skips this educational step or our offer to personally guide and support them because they think they already understand how to use the tool, then they miss out on the potential benefits of the tool and run the risk of misusing it.

To everyone reading this, I urge you to ask one of the above-mentioned medical healthcare professionals about all that is stated here and get your own confirmation.  Don't just listen to negative people or myself, check it out and find the truth about the technique, and about the love that many thousands of people feel for Armaid.  And when you do, I hope you will share your findings with us and other forums. 

(Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)