Thank You Tour, Terry's Journal Entry 10.18.19

I'm leaving Atlanta today....visiting this am with a baseball 'superstore' called Better Baseball and their buyer. Then I'm having lunch with an athletic trainer from the Atlanta Braves. Then I will leave this afternoon and head south to Florida. Probably make Fort Myers by Tuesday approx with a few exploratory stops in Florida on my way down to Diemold Co. I will enjoy myself this weekend doing I don't know what but it's the weekend and not much is happening for business.

I should hear later today about the molds schedule for delivery next week. I'm shooting for Tuesday approx arrival!

The team at Escalade Climbing Gym, Kennesaw, GA


That's a picture of the Escalade Climbing Gym crowd in Kennesaw Georgia!  What a pleasure to meet them!  Remember, everyone, we sponsor their yearly September festival!