What Inspires Terry M. Cross, Founder & Inventor of Armaid and Rolflex

Inspiration doesn’t come easy to me these days. The world is changing so quickly that it’s tough to hang onto much that is positive and fortifying for long.
Over ten years ago I moved to Maine because I couldn’t take the hustle, bustle, pollution and human institutions and constructs of the city.
With so many people on the planet and stuffing our cities with more, it didn’t make sense to labor and live along side millions of other fellow beings in Southern California. The innocent thrill of sunshine and beaches was gone.
So what is inspirational to me these days? Nature, always. It is Nature that brings sanity to my body, mind and spirit.
The Mother of Us All, and yet we forget from where we gain life and a sense of our true place in the Cosmos. Nature. My biggest inspiration is the creatures of the surrounding forest who exist without complaint in any weather and in lean times. Living in the wild is harsh and unforgiving, it appears easier to get by in a city by comparison. Their ability to make a life and thrive is an inspiration. I admire the squirrels, black bear, moose, birds, and all the creatures (I call them the forest “people”).  
Humans have tried to escape Nature out of fear, seeing Nature as a nasty, dangerous place; full of things that could ‘get you’.  Yet, it will always be our true home and Mother.
When I can see the clear stars at night and realize that we are so insignificant in the infinity of forever, I say, “Thank you.” My job becomes clear, be grateful for my little human dance and bow before the mystery of existence.
The great biological scientist J.B.S. Haldane said:   
“My own suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.”
My overriding job is to always remind myself to be a witness to the dance of Nature during my short stay in this body. To remind myself that there is peace in the unknowable. It’s really a relief to allow myself to be humbled by the enormity of what we don’t and can’t know. Humans didn’t make the rules, we are merely discovering them and learning. That is exciting.
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