Yellow Roller
Yellow Roller
Yellow Roller
Yellow Roller


Yellow Roller

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Do you have trigger points that are just a bit too deep for your White Roller? Then you may want to switch up to the Yellow Roller.  The slightly larger yellow ball in the center (1.25") gives you a critical differential for digging down to trigger points in the middle layers of your arm muscles. And, just like the White roller, you can use it as a mainstay of your recovery journey for circulatory or trigger point massage therapy.

Higher-intensity therapy focus

Penetrates more deeply

Comfortable, resilient ball material

Customer Reviews

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Samuel H.
Yellow Roller took it up

Great to take the apparatus “up a level.” Works great. Armaid really works.

Steve C.
Good, but not for me personally

I thought the larger yellow ball would be better for my forearms, but it turns out the white set is exactly what is best. Great company with great product! Thanks!

Keane T.
soooo good

i was on the big orange ball for quite some time. then i learned a bunch of things in Physical Therapy that helped me understand what's going on with my on going tendonitis issues. ever since i switched out to the yellow ball, i'm now able to fully release some lingering tightness that's been plaguing me for years.

Chris F.
High Quality Attachment

Very good quality, easy to install. I probably should have gotten the orange though, this is pretty similar to white IMO.

Andy P.

This is my favorite of the rollers. It's more intense and focused than the all-white one. And I also find it sturdier than the big orange one. I highly recommend.