VIDEO TIP: How to Reach Trigger Points in Your Upper Arm


This short video tip from Terry is essential for learning how to reach the upper arm with Armaid for treating medial epicondylitis, also known as golfer's elbow, baseball elbow or suitcase elbow. 

Medial epicondylitis is inflammation of tendons that attach the forearm muscles to the bone on the inside of one’s elbow. This condition is characterized by trigger spots or pain that extends from wrist to the elbow, on the inside of the arm (medial side). 

Left untreated a sufferer may experience loss of grip strength, chronic pain and limited range of motion in the elbow. The Mayo Clinic suggests that you stretch and strengthen the affected area.

This arm pain can be difficult to reach, as are the inner triceps, tricept. Armaid can successfully treat this arm pain when you learn the proper position for therapy.  Avoid cortisone shots or drastic measures by working out upper arm trigger spots!