Tami Deitzer - Shares a Recovery Story

I have been a Physical Therapist for over 20 years and a rock climber for nearly 10 years. In my job I do a lot of manual therapy and outside of work, I climb 2-3 days per week. Therefore, my hands and arms get some heavy duty and repetitive use without much rest or recovery. I've had bouts of elbow tendonitis that have taken months to get rid of. To assist with the management of pain and tightness I have often sought treatment by licensed massage therapists because soft tissue mobilization has been necessary in the recovery process.

Unfortunately, few of us can afford to see a massage therapist as frequently as would be ideal. I recently had the fortunate opportunity to try the Armaid. I had been scoping out other similar products with the potential of purchasing one to help me get some relief in between trips to a therapist. I have used the Armaid consistently for the past couple weeks and have been very impressed! It is very well designed ergonomically, is easy to use and does what it claims to do. It is adjustable for all sizes of arms, is versatile and portable (which is excellent for bringing to the gym or the crag to get rid of the "pump" in between climbs !) Since the person using it is in control of the amount of pressure applied, and the angle of the pressure, it provides individualized soft tissue mobilization to help release whatever is currently painful and tight throughout the entire arm and hand. The Armaid allows for 2 types of massage: Circulatory-which helps remove lactic acid build up and gets the blood moving more efficiently thru the arm; and the Trigger Point massage helps release deep or superficial trigger points by applying sustained pressure as you move the arm in a variety of angles to stretch the muscles, tendons and fascia in oblique planes. If general tightness and trigger points can be addressed in this way on a regular basis, it can help to prevent tendonitis from developing, as well as treat existing tendonitis and muscle pain. Plus, it feels really good to use it! I am pleased to now own the Armaid and will highly recommend it to my patients and fellow climbers! I've been bringing my Armaid into the climbing gym and people there always ask about it. I let them try it and they all say it feels really good. Many have expressed interest in buying one. I've highly recommended it and told them about your website.

(Photo by Frances Gunn on Unsplash)