VIDEO TIP: How Often Should You Use Your Armaid?

This short video tip from Terry talks about how often you should treat your arm pain. At first, we recommend short sessions a few times a day. But how will you know if you need to do more? One quick rule to use is that the more you use your arm muscles, the more therapy you will need to do to maintain suppleness.

Fundamentally, though, this is a question only you can answer, based on how your muscles feel to you. You will be responsible for regulating your own care.

Self-care starts when you listen to your body. It's a popular phrase nowadays, but what does it mean? It's learning how your body reacts and asking yourself, How are my arm joints feeling right now?  How are my arm muscles feeling right now? Then using that information to guide your next steps.

To self-regulate means taking a pause between action and feeling: giving yourself the time to experience the sensation or think something through before taking the next action. And, here’s the key, tuning into your body and mind involves patience and compassion for oneself. This may all seem wild or too woo woo, but we would like to suggest that you just start, remembering that we are here to help at every step.  

Hopefully this lesson with self-regulation in your arms will provide additional payoffs in your life and serve you on your path to well-being.