What Inspires Joe Daniels? He Inspires Us!

It is nature and interaction with people that gives me the most inspiration. I do most of my work in the kettlebell and functional fitness world, and when I can help someone in my gym - who is perhaps in physical pain, dealing with depression or anxiety - get back to doing physical activities outside, this makes me feel wonderful. The fact that this person can enjoy all the beauty and relaxation that being immersed in nature can provide, this inspires me to continue helping people.

Getting people back to hiking and biking after 20 years…or getting them participating in kettlebell sport competitions or obstacle races for their first time. Training each person to overcome prior injuries or day-to-day stresses is my passion.

I also love working with companies that inspire myself and others to do their best. 

Joe Daniels
Think Tank Flotation 
Learn more on how a more active, less stressed and nutritious lifestyle can benefit you at joedanielswellness.com

Joe has been with The Armaid Company, Inc. since 2011. He has been an enthusiastic supporter of Armaid and Rolflex since they came into his lives, and he into ours. He was one of our top selling affiliates for years and just recently became an Armaid and Rolflex wholesaler. Follow him on social media for daily inspiration from him.

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