Training with Sean Clayton OCR - Sponsored Armaid Athlete

We interviewed Sean Clayton, Armaid Sponsored Athlete, American Ninja Warrior Stage 2 National Finalist and Elite Obstacle Course Racer on his training regimen.

AA Co.: How many days a week do you train? 
SC: I usually train 5 or 6 days per week. If it's a race week I'll usually only train 4 days that week and then race once or twice on that weekend.

AA Co.: For how long each day?
SC: I  probably average about 2-4 hours in the gym, but that's not continuous work. That would include my warm up, a run and 1 or 2 workouts depending on how I'm feeling for the day.

AA Co.: What kind of training are you doing?
SC: My training is a little bit of everything. Someday's its heavier power lifting style 2-5 rep exercises, other days I'm doing Crossfit style stuff and then mixing that with running. The running can sometimes be sprint work at the track, sometimes trail running, sometimes aerobic running through the neighborhood. I also do some bouldering from time to time, not as much as I'd like to lately though.
AA Co.: On your rest days, what do you do?
SC: On rest days, I usually try and get on the stationary bike for 30-45 minutes at a very easy pace just to keep blood moving. A lot of times I try to get in an Epsom Salt bath. I'll do stretching, foam rolling and use my Armaid.

AA Co.: What do you do when you get an injury?
SC: Usually I'll just train whatever isn't injured haha. That's kind of the nice thing about training for everything. If my upper body is a little too sore I can train legs, if it's my lower body then I train upper body. There's always something that can be worked on or improved. I haven't had any major injuries so far so nothing that has really kept me away from training for too long.

AA Co.: What does recovery look like for you - rest, hydration, massage, therapy, movement/no movement, etc?
SC: If I'm going to take a full recovery day my main goal is to get a nap. Those are few and far between with kids, but they are nice when I do get them. I definitely will stretch, foam roll and do some rolling with my Armaid. Some days I'll go for an ice bath, other days I'll go for an Epsom salt bath, some days I do both. If I can I fit in a massage as well. Usually I will still be moving around in some way. A lot of times that's running around the yard with my daughters, or playing tag, something along those lines. They never let me lay around all day and I love that.

AA Co.: Do you have a specific eating regimen?
SC: I don't count calories or anything like that, but I do eat pretty clean. I just eat when I'm hungry and it has worked pretty well. I will usually have a big meal in the morning, a small lunch with a protein shake since 1pm is usually about when I start training and then another big meal at night. I will snack throughout the day, usually that ends up being a banana with honey or an orange or something along those lines.

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