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What is film, video and TV but the flickering of connected images imitating life. How it can satisfy at times!

“I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room & read a good book.” – Groucho Marx
Overall if I do watch TV, I tend to want the truth. Nothing like a good documentary well presented. Like a good segment of the PBS series ‘Nova’ or ‘Nature’. Also anything with David Attenborough as presenter, I swoon with the visual beauty and his narration.
I’ve learned recently that when brain activity is scanned while watching a PBS documentary type of program, our brain neurons are making new connections that keep us young and brain-healthy.
The same positive brain growth happens when learning a new activity or hobby, or reading a thought-provoking book. Basically anything that exercises the brain. The more we ask Why? What? Who? How? and Where?, we get smarter. The resultant flood of feel-good endorphins makes us feel like we’ve just been uplifted a bit and justifies the effort, like a successful trip to the gym.
Healthy film and TV content means we’re questioning our current thinking and the way we see reality. We seek and find better and more truthful answers.
Here’s an enjoyable blog that shows the journey of a young woman out of the TV wasteland.
The average American watches TV and visual media over 5 hours a day. That equates to approximately 2.5 months out of the year.
Most of that time is spent viewing crap that takes time but leaves us empty and our brains worse off. Most of the content that has commercials in it is meant to dull us into a state of consumerism. After all, it’s the commercials that drive the programming, and it’s not the intent to create thoughtful and helpful content so we grow as humans.

“Everything in moderation. Even moderation.”  – Oscar Wilde
On the days when I don’t want to watch another science documentary about black holes and the importance of appreciating ethnic diversity, or I’m in between books, I’ll watch a movie, preferably with narration. I prefer the lone-underdog-against-the-system movie.
Some of my favorites with narration:
Without narration:


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