Special Note Testimonials

Prior to using Armaid, my activities of daily living were severely limited because of pain in my upper extremities due to repetitive motion injury. I was limited to one of the following activities on working days (four hours a day administrative assistant) and two of the activities on non-working days:

  • washing and blow drying my hair
  • preparing a meal with prepared food and cleaning up after eating
  • vacuuming or dusting my apartment
  • changing the sheet on my bed
  • grocery shopping and putting away only the perishables
  • laundering and putting away two loads of clothes
  • playing the piano for 5 minutes or assembling a jigsaw puzzle for 10 minutes on non-working days, resulting in hand and forearm pain for the remainder of that day.

 I was laid off from my job at the end of February. In April I began a medically necessary diet that increased my meal preparation and clean-up time 80%, which caused severe hand, wrist, arm, shoulder and upper back pain.

In April I was instructed in Armaid self massage. I am amazed at the difference that Armaid self massage has made in increasing my activities of daily living. I can perform most of the tasks listed above on the same day with no pain. Any tenderness that develops with any of the above activities is completely relieved with Armaid self massage. I feel like I have my life back! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be able live a more normal life now. And best of all, I can play the piano 30 minutes a day with no pain! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I highly recommend Armaid for people with repetitive stain injury of the upper extremities. Kay Wright

• • •

 I was in a severe car wreck in which my right arm (I'm right handed) was smashed against the dashboard and windshield. I haven't been able to use it efficiently since that injury. I've gone though many years of ultrasound, electro-stimulation, physical therapy, massage and exercise. I was even advised to undergo surgery. I lost hope in recovering.

Then I discovered Armaid. I tried it for two weeks . . . just a few minutes a day (at home). With Armaid I can treat myself. And it works better than all the other treatments I've undergone. Armaid has given me hope and confidence that I will be able to have a strong and effieicient arm again.

Thank you Mr. Cross for your amazing Armaid breakthrough invention. R. Kodet

• • •

 I recommend you consider buying an Armaid. This is a handy device (which looks like a tennis racket stringer or some such thing) which you can use, at home, to massage your arms. It really works, and is the only device which is recommended by the people at the L.A. repetitive strain injury support group. There are a lot of bogus devices out there, but this one does work. Its effects are limited, it is not a cure all by any stretch, but it does let you massage yourself, and the massage you get is a lot CHEAPER than paying someone else to do it. Also, I think, more effective because you can control how often you get it and how "tough" it is.

It costs about $100, which is about the cost of one massage session. It is sometimes painful to use the first few times, but it does loosen things up. N. Spark

• • • 

After my physical therapist solved my RSI problem - a problem that surgery apparently only half solved - with hands-on massage, I set out to invent a self-massaging contraption. I had in mind a sort of wringer, like the antique washing machine wringers you might have seen on old-time washers. I actually made a prototype gizmo in my workshop. It has two wooden dowels, about 1" in diameter and 18" long. One end of each was mounted to rolling furniture casters which in turn were fastened to a table top. The other end was loose. The dowels were covered by polyurethane pipe insulation. Despite 30 years of mechanical tinkering, I could never quite get the dimensions and mechanics right. A few months later, I was using my favorite free web search tool, www.Copernic.com, to look for RSI stuff, and what floats to the top of the list but this site for Armaid.com, so I took a look. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my washing machine wringer in real live, virtual, www flesh-and-blood. I clicked on all the right pages, entered my credit card number, and waited beside my mailbox for the next 48 hours.

Sure enough, the postman delivered this device that was exactly what I couldn't quite fangle. I used it on the big muscle on the top of my forearm when my arm starts feeling "wiry," and it works. Whether it's because it encourages circulation or flushes away the waste products of metabolism I don't know . . . and I don't really care. It's simply more convenient than seeing the therapist, less expensive, and works a lot better than trying to use your thumb and fingers to do the job. It works because it harnesses mechanical advantage with a lever action. The roller lets your arm move back and forth while you pinch it against the balls, which do the massaging. The whole thing straps to your leg for stability and it has a big ball joint so it can easily face any side of your arm.

In preparation for a speech I gave on International RSI Awareness Day, I interviewed the creator / owner / marketer / therapist / father of Armaid, Terry Cross. He's been in the therapy world for a while and wanted to really provide a solution to the vexing RSI problem. Somehow he worked a little miracle. I wondered for a while if Armaid was "the" solution to RSI, but as most folks in the field will tell you, RSI is not one thing. It's not just tendonitis or nerve adhesions or inflammation or tension. But those are surely the physiological underpinnings of many sufferers' conditions and Armaid attacked them mightily. I only need to use Armaid every once in a while, but just a few days ago my arm was really achy from an intense workload. And I couldn't wait to dig out my Armaid and feel the relief. And that's what inspired me to finally get busy and write this long-overdue review.

Now, for a lot of RSI sufferers, $100 might as well be a million. And if you don't have $100, no amount of logic is important. But for those on the fence, let me share my thoughts on the price. Knowing something about manufacturing costs, I took one look at Armaid and was surprised it could be sold for as little as $100. It has at least 7 different types of material (injection-molded plastic, rubber, spring steel, machined aluminum, fabric, polyurethane, and nylon). Injection molding alone costs somewhere around a half-million dollars for a product of this complexity. The bottom line is, by my estimation, $100 is an extremely low price . . . If your only alternative is a physical therapist who charges $100 for one to three hours, it's money well spent. Don't have $100? Join an RSI support group and get a few folks to chip in for one. Not convinced it will be right for you? Take Terry up on his money-back guarantee - it's an honest offer. And tell your friends. Jack Bellis, Co-Author of It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

• • •

 Of all the products we've investigated, Armaid is absolutely the best product we have seen for repetitive stain. May Ellam, Co-founder of the Los Angeles Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group

• • •

Armaid is the best tool for applying deep massage to your own arm. There are many products targeted at RSI sufferers and lots of them seem to be just schemes to make money. Armaid is the real thing. It is a high-quality product, very carefully designed. I think it has a lifetime replacement guarantee. Terry Cross, the inventor, is a massage therapist and is very happy to answer any questions before or after purchase. I have been lazy about using mine, but it is a very effective tool. I highly recommend it. You can overdo it, just use it sparingly at first. Terry Slade

• • •

I wanted to thank you for making armaid. I hurt my hands typing about two years ago. On the right arm there were some trigger points on my forearm that caused pain lower down; on my hand. A therapist got them mostly worked out, but every few weeks the arm would feel tight. Before, I would have to self massage my arm, and it never quite worked. With armaid, I just sit down for a few minutes, work the trigger points, and then I can type comfortably. It's truly an amazing product, and beats paying $70 to see a massage therapist. Graeme B., Canada

• • •

 There were many great reviews, both written and video, which let me know ArmAid was a great product. After using it for a few weeks so far I am happy to say all the reviews were spot-on. It works great!!!! Thank you again for making such a great product, and having it made in the USA.Chad S. Texas