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I have worked as a server 6 days a week for over 5 years which caused me to develop some extremely severe muscle cramping, weakness, and pain both in my forearms and wrists (left arm especially). The symptoms became so debilitating to the point I could hardly even continue carrying the heavy plates. I was at a breaking point not knowing what exactly to do financially or medically, knowing i could not afford expensive (potentially half-effective) doctor visits.. but providing perfectly for needs, my amazing God brought me across the arm-aid product one night while on the internet. To be honest I was slightly discouraged by the price only because my budget is so limited, but considering what was at stake it was overall a tiny price to pay.. and with a good general knowledge of muscle behavior I felt it was definitely a worthwhile shot to take. Not only were my expectations met but they were blown away, as the arm-aid utilizes a relatively simple concept but does it in such a unique and effective way that your muscles and tendons have no choice but to respond accordingly. There is also a very small learning curve over the first week where you learn to use it with just the right pressures and angles for your specific need(s). This product has become worth 10times its cost to me as it was a true God-send. Whether your needs are minor/basic or severe (like mine were) this is one of the most incredibly unique, and necessary products I’ve ever seen. They are also independently owned and i have spoken with the owner (Terry) myself on several occasions and he could not have possibly been any nicer or more helpful, both before i purchased the arm-aid and after. He represents what is now an unfortunately small percentage in the business world today, and this testimonial is from my heart as huge THANK YOU for being who he is and making such an wonderful product available to me at time I needed it the most. God Bless! Jeff, Tennessee

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well hello armaid et al...i have to tell you this thing is awesome! my thumb has so much strength and i have a dag gone grip!! a bit of trigger ring finger and an elec. hot spot in wrist but wow...i have come a long long way and am still doing repetetive motion with my job. now i have an in home fabulous armaid//// xoxoClaudia Robertson, Indiana



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