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About Armaid

Before I invented Armaid, I worked for years as a sports injury massage therapist, until painful tendinitis in my own arms and elbows shortened my career. It got me thinking, “Is there anything I can do to help the millions of arm-hand-elbow tendinitis sufferers to help themselves?”

I needed to combine the right tool design with the right therapy technique.

In 1999, I released Armaid. It is designed to use the power of leverage to accurately and easily apply the most effective professional therapy techniques to oneself.

Armaid has been my life’s work and I am deeply moved by the thousands of testimonials of love and gratitude from happy Armaid users from around the world. My goal is to help everyone maintain their own arm health, no matter their sport, occupation or activity and Armaid is the best possible tool to do that.

The Armaid Company, Inc. is located on the coast of Maine, a beautiful place to live and work.

When you are in the area, plan to see us.

Best of health,



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