Armaid for Tennis Players

Tennis elbow can cause issues for anyone, whether you play competitively or just for fun. We want to make sure you can remain on the court and play the sport you love. 


TENDON (the ends of muscles that attach to bone)                            ITIS (inflammation from irritated tendons)

The fact that you are constantly gripping your racket with your arm muscles can lead to problems.  When forearm muscles are overused they can get tight and shortened. These tight muscles incessantly pull on the tendon attachments, most commonly on the outside part of the elbow (Tennis Elbow) causing irritation, pain and inability to grip properly.  That's tendinitis.   Yes, the pain is at the elbow, but the problem starts with chronically tight muscles in the forearms.
     There can also be pain and irritation at the inside part of the elbow (Golfers Elbow) and even through the wrist into the hand. This muscle shortening is called losing your muscle 'Range of Motion' (ROM) which means you lose endurance, strength and function. Your muscles need their full range of movement in order to function properly and remain healthy.
     Therefore the key to elbow tendinitis relief is getting back full Range of Motion in the arm muscles. Armaid is a specialized leverage device invented by a Sports Injury Therapist that helps you to easily deliver a professional therapy technique that is the absolute best way to quickly regain ROM and treat your own tight muscles, anywhere and anytime you need relief. All it takes is just a few minutes to learn the technique and a few minutes a day to apply relief to your own arms. Learn this simple technique to regain ROM; when you maintain full ROM you will never have elbow tendinitis ever again. Use for 2 to 3 minutes a day and maintain your own arm and elbow health. 
When arm muscles have their full ROM, you will always play at the top of your game without pain. Guaranteed.