Thank You Tour, Journal Entry 11.23.19

Good morning. It rained all night at the rest stop outside Nashville and this morning is moreof the same. But I don't mind, traffic is not bad on a Saturday morning this early hour.

Before I left Florida, I focused on Orlando and going to the USTA.  I checked out more thoroughly the Pro Shop there at the USTA campus Center and made some contacts. 

Next, I’m traveling on to Atlanta to meet with Nick from the Atlanta Brave and give him six units.

Speaking of the units, I can't imagine what the parts would be like had I not made the trip and saw them in person. The team is fabulous, it’s just tiny details that make good, great.  My design knowledge and inventors mind came in handy.  The delays, and back and forth, this trial and error could have been problematic from afar.


Esperanza said she feels, So so happy! I say that's good, Why?

She says, Because the parts for Armaid are now beautiful. And she looked to heaven and thanked God that everything is beautiful and lovely and she is so happy.

That is the caliber and type of character of the people that are making our parts. Everybody is heartfelt and down-to-earth and hard-working and grateful that they have a chance to be kind and generous and loving making these parts

After Atlanta, I headed on that more Northerly route.

I don't think I'm going to stop anymore, I'm going to focus on the miles between me and arriving by Monday in Boulder.

I'm having a little wobbly front end issues with my tires I think it's the suspension and the shock absorbers that are worn. If I can make it to Boulder without anything serious happening I will have it looked at there.

On a personal note, this is an old photograph of me and Pat, going through Borneo customs in a tiny airport.  And me with another diver friend, Dave.  We 3 formed a very productive and popular team that many diving companies desired us to be on tough jobs.


Today, I'm in a good mood healthy enough and looking forward to arriving in Colorado.

Have a good weekend y'all!