Thank You Tour, Journal Entry 10.23.19

I arrived in Fort Myers on Tuesday, ready to spend some time with my old friend, Pat. The molds are still uncertain when they will arrive but they did get loaded on the truck last Friday. Jessica from the shipping company will contact me soon with a more exact date and time of arrival of the molds to Diemold.

It's been a very long, exciting and full two weeks since I left Blue Hill. Maine. I am reaching my max, been eating more than 50% good and resting okay. I can feel I'm not 100% so I look forward to resting in Fort Myers and replenishing.

I took Interstate 10 through Tallahassee and stopped to have breakfast at the Woodchuck Café.  I had an early breakfast of biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs, while TV blared old reruns of The Golden Girls, and from the kitchen the Opera Carmen Overture was playing.  It's a busy Tallahassee good morning y'all!

Tallahassee has State University State College and a junior college. The people from Tallahassee that were raised here still regard this quite large city as being a place that everybody still knows everybody.

Going to hit Orlando and USTA Ed Ryan on my way back through and I headed straight to Fort Myers.  I've been on the road now for 2 weeks. I'm ready to settle down in Fort Myers for a while.

3,021 miles door to door!