Thank You Tour, Journal Entry 10.19.19

Good morning, I just crossed the border around 10 last night into Alabama and pulled off and slept in a rest stop. I must say I am surprised how well I sleep in the back of the truck.

My plan is to spend Saturday and Sunday in Pensacola and go to the Andrews Institute the nation's Premier Sports Medicine facility on Monday. Then I will drive to Fort Myers and arrive at Diemold Co. on Tuesday.

So far so good, I'm healthy enough, my attitude is good and the world is reacting very well to Armaid! Yes, I am on an adventure!  Thank the team for all their hard work and getting ramped up for the company's new adventure of the launch.

Just wait until I tell you all how I met the Atlanta Braves athletic trainer. Like out of a fictional story.

If this trip of mine, this little adventure, shows anything it's that this is all serendipitous and blessed. I am so grateful.