Preparing the Therapist: Which Roller Is Best for Me?

As part of the customer service that comes with your Armaid purchase we offer 1-on-1 sessions with our therapist and inventor Terry M. Cross. He will address your concerns and questions and make personalized recommendations on what is the best course of treatment and use of Armaid in your arm health maintenance.

We save the transcripts from these sessions, maintaining privacy of our clients of course. We thought there may be helpful nuggets of wisdom for those of you with similar questions, ailments, concerns, etc.

We will have a new section of this blog that features these conversation transcripts in hopes of helping those who do not reach out.

Best of arm health to you all. Search more through the "Preparing the Therapist" label.


Client: "I have tennis elbow (partial tear w/ moderate to severe tendinopathy) and bought the orange extreme based upon the recommendation of a friend. Would the 3 ball roller be better for my elbow?"


Terry's response:

Remember - you are returning your muscles to their natural levels of ROM. Why?  Because your activities have produced chronically tight muscles with reduced ROM that then constantly pull on their tendonal attachments, causing inflammation and pain. It's called the effects of 'overuse'. Watch all our instructional videos. You must learn the myofascial release technique I call Trigger Point Therapy on the videos.

The white roller would be much better to start your therapy with initially. The orange is like a sports car, you can go zero to 60mph very quickly in terms of focused pressure. But you don't want that right now, maybe later. You are not now at your peak muscle conditioning with fuller ROM and your tear hasn't healed yet.   

You definitely need to limit your initial experience, start slow and remember 3 things :

  1. Time you spend - don't spend too much time initially on one problem spot - allow your muscles to adjust and regain their ROM slowly over several days or longer before you increase the length of time in one session. That's why I suggest 2-3 minutes, 2-3 times a day to start. No matter how good it feels to be using Armaid, don't do it too much too soon.
  2. Depth of Pressure -   be gentle and don't go too deep at first, especially with a partial tear! When you apply pressure with Armaid no matter which roller you use, always and only go as far as the sensation of "OOOuuu, that hurts GOOD"  versus "OWW! That really hurts bad".   Stay with the "ooouuuu".
  3. Using the right roller. You were correct in asking whether or not you should use the white roller instead of the orange. We also have a softer grey roller that is available. And a black roller which is our softest.

You have had chronically tight muscles for probably years since you called your condition 'tendinopathy' which takes time to develop and progress from initial 'tendinitis'.  And a tear on top of it all (tight, tight tight!)  ALL OF THIS CAN BE PREVENTED BY YOU LENGTHENING YOUR MUSCLES. YOUR GOAL IS ALWAYS GETTING BACK FULL ROM. TIGHT SHORTENED MUSCLES CAUSED THE PROBLEM. PERIOD.

Let me know how it goes!

Cheers, Terry