Orange Roller Conversation Regarding its Flexible Rod and Why the Rod isn’t Ridged


Client Review:


Terry Cross, Sports Injury Therapist and inventor/manufacturer of the Armaid replies:

Thank you very much for your extensive review! Terrific feedback.  As the inventor and manufacturer of the Armaid, I'd love to shed some light on the thinking behind the design. I really appreciate your comment on how the Orange Roller is able to work in areas that you couldn't reach, or thought were already fully healed. This benefit is directly related to the flexibility of the roller rod.  It's only by being flexible that the roller can accurately apply pressure to the varying contours and densities of your muscles and tendons.  A stiff rod, such as you suggest, would not allow the roller to fulfill this function. Yes, sometimes the flexible rod will not fall straight into the tool under pressure, but actually, as you have found for yourself, that does not diminish the therapy effect.   Regarding the strength of those bigger folks that really want to crank on it. . . I say "Go for it!"  Don't worry about breaking the roller.  The flexible rod, though soft enough to give the necessary arc, is still made of the strongest material we could find. From time to time people do ask for replacement rods because the ends eventually wear out after many months or years of hard use.  But that's all covered in the unconditional warranty that is included in your purchase price. So if you ever need any parts for your Armaid, get in touch!  You will receive free parts with free shipping, always.  We don't care how it broke or got lost, we will replace whatever you need.   Again, thanks for your great review.