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Why Do We Give?

The opposite of taking is giving. It just feels good to give to someone who needs what you have. For us, as a company, and as individuals it's a wonderful aspect to being in our business that we can make a difference in someone's life without needing or wanting to exchange money in every instance.

Giving is an aspect of human nature that most of us share and are eager to do so when the opportunity arises. It ennobles us and makes a direct connection that satisfies the need for a socially loving connection. It's like my life matters when I give without taking.

One of my favorite maxims for living is take with one hand and give with the other...never take with both hands.

We have a personal and company policy to give Armaids to anyone in the Blue Hill Peninsula area who is in need. Payment in money is not encouraged, we love to barter. We have received organic farm-raised eggs, bacon, vegetable produce, lobsters, carpentry skills, tree pruning, house cleaning, firewood, dried sea-weed-vegetables, granite and stone building blocks and steps, gourmet meals and much else in exchange for Armaids from our neighbors.

Often we just simply give Armaids to those in need. Their relief and blossoming into self-care-autonomy is our joy!

We give Armaids away to local auction fund-raisers for the Blue Hill Library, Halcyon Grange and public supper auctions to raise money for persons in financial need locally.

I give because I am grateful to and responsible for the communities of which I am a part: The community of the Earth, the community of all living things, the community of humans, the community of my country, the community of my town. My gifts are an (incomplete and insufficient) expression of my love.

The sense of community in Maine is unparalleled, at least in my experience. The communities are small and incredibly supportive. When there is a disaster, illness or death in a family, the community rallies to collect money, make food, starting a donation system, taking in people who are displaced, offering temporary housing, etc. The sense of giving without taking, supporting without expecting and being part of a community where this is just a given, implores me to do and be the same. So, while I am not in the financial place to give monetary donations often, giving, supporting, encouraging and being part of a very giving community humbles me to the core and really ingrains the idea of giving the shirt off your back. While not a very wealthy community, it is pretty amazing that the 2017 graduating high school class, of only 20 students, received over $30,000 in donations and scholarships from local organizations and businesses.
Maine giving story:
There was a story that was shared around the office about two neighbors. One was better off than the other. The more financially comfortable neighbor learned that his neighbor and his family were struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. Like many generous neighbors the wealthier neighbor went over to offer support. He told his neighbor that in the unlocked garage is a freezer filled with food and to please help himself. Days go buy and the hungry neighbor stops by to take a few items from the freezer as offered, consciously not taking more than he knew his family needed. His kind neighbor was not home. So he just went home, closing the garage door behind him. They next day the generous neighbor stops buy with two large grocery bags filled with more frozen food and says, "Don't you ever do that again!" "Don't you ever go hungry again, when I have a freezer full to share. Help yourself anytime. And take as much as you need."

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