What Do We Do After Work at Armaid

Terry - Inventor
On Saturday mornings, I make it a point to spend some time at the Farmers Market in Blue Hill. There’s a huge glass greenhouse on the grounds of a home and garden supply shop in town. Organic farmers and crafters from miles around come to sell their produce and products in the heated comfort of the greenhouse during the Winter months.....

Maura - New Accounts
I revamped my life's flow last year. I wasn't living authentically. I kept telling the artist in me to Be quiet and Get lost and she responded by screaming. I now listen to her above any other voice inside myself.....

Jessica - Fulfillment
After work every day, I do mom stuff. Different mom stuff on different days. Here's a snapshot:

Alix - Marketing
I work as a subcontracted staffer at Armaid, so actually Armaid is my "other".....

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