We're Surrounded by Nature - Our Commutes to Work

Maura's commute is about 15 mins to Armaid Central
This is only a small portion of the entire landscape. To the left of this photo is the bridge to the islands and more open sea. To the right of the photo is the remainder of Walker Pond. From this spot I like how far I can see and how the landscape and weather varies. Sometimes the fog blocks the view. Sometimes it's dark, cold and breezy at the water's edge, but up here, on the ledge, the sun is warm and the air is still.

Jessica's commute is about 30 minutes to Armaid Central
 View of the Bagaduce River from Greytown Rd., Sedgwick. This is a view that comes up on you suddenly, and gives a nice vista down the river.

Bridge over the Bagaduce River, Brooksville. I love this view. Every day the water and sky are doing something different, depending on the weather and where we are in the tide. Today it was high and very placid, which actually, is pretty unusual.

Western County Rd., Penobscot - I am always drawn to the sudden contrast of the marshes appearing in the middle of the woods. This one is particularly vast. I also like the hint, to the left, of Blue Hill mountain in the background.
Alix's commute is a little over 30 mins to Armaid Central 
This is one of my favorite views just before the bridge. Sunrise offers some of the most amazing views and colors traveling off island. The sea fog first thing dancing across the water and the rainbow colored skies are my favorite.

I have to cross this bridge everyday. We often get to go under it too on our boat in the summer (just not on our way to work). The bridge is over 75 years old and there is construction on it constantly. When the winds blow down the Eggemoggin Reach, this thing gallops and jumps, you can sometimes feel the tires come off the surface!

This route is a back-way to Blue Hill, and this was taken last year. I don't take this route very often, but whenever I do I question why I don't take it more often. This day in particular there was an accident on the main road, so I had to go this way, which was fine by me, it was quiet and beautiful. A great excuse to drive slowly in a snow storm.
Terry's commute is about 5 minutes to Armaid Central and is filled with wonderful creatures to greet his day.


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