Preparing the Therapist: Stopping Exercise Routine and Soreness

As part of the customer service that comes with your Armaid purchase we offer 1-on-1 sessions with our therapist and inventor Terry M. Cross. He will address your concerns and questions and make personalized recommendations on what is the best course of treatment and use of Armaid in your arm health maintenance.

Client Question: My PT brought up the idea that I stop my exercise routine.  Apparently it could fatigue my forearms further and interfere with my recovery. So I am taking a break. I typically use Armaid through tout the day. I didn't this morning but I did this evening. Now, immediately afterwards, I feel a lot of soreness. I am looking for advice and encouragement. I am aware Armaid can be "overdone."  Should I use it more or less than the recommended starting of 2-3 times per day?  What does the soreness mean? Do you have more advice related to tendon issues? 

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