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Preparing the Therapist: Chronic Golfer's Elbow

As part of the customer service that comes with your Armaid purchase, we offer 1-on-1 sessions with our therapist and inventor Terry M. Cross. He will address your concerns and questions and make personalized recommendations on what is the best course of treatment and use of Armaid in your arm health maintenance.

We save the transcripts from these sessions, maintaining the privacy of our clients of course. We thought there may be helpful nuggets of wisdom for those of you with similar questions, ailments, concerns, etc.

We will have a new section of this blog that features these conversation transcripts in hopes of helping those who do not reach out.

Best of arm health to you all. Search more through the "Preparing the Therapist" label.


"I have [been] suffering with what I think is chronic golfer's elbow. I developed it from pistol shooting. Every time I grip the pistol, the inside elbow joint of my support hand/arm (left) flares up with a dull, burning pain.  I've had tennis elbow from weight lifting (cleans) in my right arm.  I cured that through deep tissue ice massage.  I've tried the same regimen with the golfer's elbow and it won't seem to go away.
Which Armaid should I buy?  Is the original one enough or do I need an additional "attachment" (orange lacrosse ball, for example)?"

Hello S.,

You'll never be cured of repetitive strain as long as you keep using your muscles in your activity... it may seem to go away for a while but the tension is latent and just lurking under the surface waiting to erupt again. Think of alligators and how they hunt... lurking beneath the surface. The only way to completely get rid of the problem is to stop doing the activity that creates the problem!  But we know that's not going to happen, so you need to always maintain your arms even when there is no pain. You'll discover spots you didn't know were tight and sore until you touched them.

Golfers elbow is always involving the triceps (watch the Golfers Elbow Video on our website) as well as tight flexor forearm muscles. That should help tremendously.

You probably don't need anything more than the Armaid Basic. If you want to go deeper at some point after your muscles have gotten used to their new range of motion then you can always order it later.

Armaid is NOT a simple rolling back-and-forth tool, you must watch all the videos in order to learn the myofascial technique we call 'Trigger Point Therapy'. That's the technique that will always regain the most range of motion.

Hope that helps,
Cheers, Terry

Armaid Company

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